8 thoughts on “Monsanto inches closer to biggest biotech launch in company’s history

  1. Similar to viruses that have adapted to frequently used antibiotics over time…

    Viruses have nothing to do with antibiotics. What viruses do is get stupid people to oppose vaccines. Team organic, for example. https://storify.com/mem_somerville/traditional-breeding-of-vaccines

    That said, opponents of tech are a funny bunch. First they were saying glyphosate was bad because of reliance on 1 herbicide. So now the new products avoid that. And they are still not happy. We call this moving the goal posts. Nobody ever challenges them on the previous claims they made about using multiple herbicides as a better strategy–while they now say it’s not. And they are also really devoid of alternatives–I have yet to see any of the critics supply alternatives that work for farmers.

    • Monsanto had 4 losing quarters. Only reason the largest fund management companies would toss them. And there are thousands, maybe millions of working models for food production without chemicals or engineering. You’ll only see this if you want to. In the end, the consumer dictates what is grown.

  2. Why does your government allow you to be poisoned? Why don’t you do something it’s time for a new system of government. One ran by the people for the people. One that will do as its told. Open the financial record books and do what’s right. Americans have the right bear arms in order to keep their government from doing this exact thing. The problem is that the government decided what they learn, and Unfortunately they don’t teach very much more than support your troops and we are the best no matter what.

  3. Thank you for reading the story and sharing your comments.
    Genetically engineered crops are a polarizing topic, with both sides making some
    valid points. I tried to include key points from both groups in this story.

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