Federal government no longer communicating with public on certain issues

Federal government officials are no longer allowed to communicate with the public and media about certain environmental issues per orders from the Trump administration, multiple news outlets reported Monday and Tuesday.

Slaughterhouses across the country: A collaborative map

The meat industry has once been concentrated in cities like Chicago and Kansas City. But it had left for small towns in rural areas, which were now struggling to provide the necessary social services to the immigrants who followed. How could we begin to show those demographic changes? And what could we do about the fact that there was no readily available list of the biggest slaughterhouses? This interactive map starts to answer those questions.

Why farmers want new equipment

Encouraged by a strong farm economy and healthy business tax breaks, Farmers are buying new machinery and equipment that can run anywhere from $300,000 to $500,000. And some of the new equipment -- powered by GPS and sensors that can even detect moisture in a crop -- practically run on auto-pilot.

Sticker shock: it’s not just on new tractors anymore

Farm equipment sales are booming, currently running about $20 billion annually. Surprisingly, some of the hottest-selling pieces of machinery aren't new. Used-farm equipment is becoming more desirable to some farmers, who don't want to have to run their machines with laptops.